Explore the Arctic. Land of Northern Lights, Polar Bears & Midnight Sun

Let us guide you through an oasis of pristine wonder. From the regions of the Arctic Circle to the serenity of the North Pole, from stately icebergs to unending frozen tundra, from the glistening ocean to unique Inuit art. Explore with us this awesome land at the top of the world.

Spend a night at an hotel in Inuvik, Iqaluit, Dawson City or one of the almost 200 other establishments that will welcome you and offer comfort in a land of paradoxical conditions where harsh climate brings out a beauty unsurpassed on planet earth.

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Spend quality time with some of the warmest people who live in the coolest place on earth. Admire the beauty of Inuit sculpture, native clothing, traditional music and native food.

Let us introduce you to some magnificent wildlife such as the Polar Bear, Arctic Fox and Hare, Tundra Swans, Northern Fulmers and Snow Geese. In the cold often frozen ocean discover, Narwhals, Walrus, Seals, Greenland Halibut, Char and a host of other living creatures.


Whatever your interest in the North, Arctic Guide is your complete source. Do you want to...

• VACATION? We have links to the best hotels, outfitters, transportation and supplies.

• OBTAIN INUIT ART? We will introduce you to Inuit art and crafts people, across a wide array of products, designs and styles.

• LEARN ABOUT THE RICH RESOURCES? We have the information you need on land based and water based resources.

• EXPLORE AWESOME WONDERS? From the MacKenzie River to the Aurora Borealis, from majestic deep water fjords to ancient glaciers.


This region is alive with wonder and mystery that has drawn explorers for hundreds of years.

Let us take you on a trip that will enlighten your mind, arouse your senses and make you keenly aware of one of the most beautiful regions on planet earth.