Arctic Animals, a look into a Cool World of Extreme Habitat, Fascinating Creatures and Ultimate Survival!

Polar Bear and Two Cubs

The Arctic is alive with a fascinating assortment of wildlife and many species that are unique to this Polar environment. Below the Arctic Circle many of these species are rarely or never seen.

Living and thriving in an hostile environment composed of ice, polar desert, wind swept open tundra, ancient glacial formations, sub zero sea temperatures and an incredible variety of geographical topography from open plain and valleys to mountainous peaks and deep water fiords.

They have the "stuff" that allow them to make sub zero temperatures, snow and ice as normal to their daily life as warmth, sunny skies and water are to most animals on the planet. They are hardy breeds uniquely suited to their home at the top of the world!

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Arctic Caribou

Hold your breath as we look at the larger land animals such as the

• Polar Bear
• Dall Sheep
Musk Ox

Be amazed as we peer into the world of smaller animals like the

• Wolverine
• Ermine
• Lemming
• Hare
• Ground Squirrel

Arctic Fox

Let you imagination soar to new heights with facts on and images of the...

• Snow Geese
• Snowy Owl
• Tundra Swans
• Partmigan
• Puffins
• Divers
• Northern Fulmers
• Auks
• Cranes
• Gulls
• Ducks

Northern Fulmar

The native people's of the North have depended on some of these animals for centuries to provide clothing, food, shelter and many other uses. Both man and animal have learned to survive and thrive in this hostile environment. With a continued respect for the natural resources and good stewardship, there is no reason why this balance cannot continue into the future.

Arctic Hare

Edward O. Wilson once said… "Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius.

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